Non-fiction Writing by O. Scribner


My writings about otherkin and therianthropes:

Icon. Otherkin timeline: The recent history of elfin, fae, and animal people. (PDF)
Version 2.0, updated September 8, 2012. 1.6 MB, 109 pages. Rated PG.
Spanning from 1972 to 2011 inclusive, this work of non-fiction traces the recent history of therianthropes and otherkin: real people who identify themselves as animals and legendary beings. All events in this timeline are drawn from primary sources when possible, such as contemporary print and electronic media, as well as interviews with people who were directly involved at the time. Events covered include the coining of jargon, the publication of books, the rise and fall of various parts of the community, the development of philosophical explanations for being otherkin, and much more.

Icon. Otherkin lexicon: A multi-lingual dictionary of jargon used in the communities of otherkin, therianthropes, and other similar peoples. (PDF)
Version 0.1 (abridged edition), updated January 21, 2013. 0.7 MB, 67 pages. Rated PG.
A specialized dictionary of over three hundred words and phrases used in the way of talk of the communities of otherkin, therianthropes, and similar peoples. (This abridged edition gives over one hundred words and phrases only.) Much of this jargon is only used by the communities in question, or with different senses than in standard talk. Their jargon sometimes makes their talk and writing hard to understand. This dictionary gives jargon from parts of those communities in English, as well as those in other languages, such as Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Ukrainian. Every definition includes source citations in endnotes, to show that the words are usually used as told here.

Icon. The otherkin and therianthrope book-List. (PDF)
Version 3.2, updated September 8, 2012. 0.3 MB, 21 pages. Rated PG.
An annotated bibliography of printed books about otherkin and therianthropes, non-fiction and fiction.

Icon. A directory of otherkin writings and other works, organized by topic. (PDF)
Version 0.6, updated September 8, 2012. 2.6 MB, 239 pages.
Rated PG-13 for occasional strong language.
Over 500 different authors and artists (from inside as well as outside the community) made these essays, stories, poems, paintings, and other works about real otherkin and therians. These aren't limited to English. The directory also lists translations and original works in 15 other languages. If you're wondering about any topic that any otherkin or therians have ever discussed, you'll probably find several essays on that topic here, each offering a different answer.

Icon. O. Scribner's marginalia upon Lupa's A Field Guide to Otherkin. (PDF)
Version 0.3, updated September 8, 2012. 0.3 MB, 15 pages. Rated G.
A few updates, corrections, opinions, and additions for Lupa's book A Field Guide to Otherkin, contributed by readers. Further resources include a list of works that cite the Field Guide, reviews of it, and original surveys that were sent in to it. This document was assembled and publicly shared by written permission from Lupa.

My other writings

Icon. On the design of foreleg extensions and quadrupedal costumes. (PDF)
Version 1.1, updated September 8, 2012. 0.5 MB, 17 pages. Rated G.
In this illustrated research essay, I summarize the variety of designs for foreleg extensions that enable a performer to walk gracefully while on all fours. Safety concerns in designing and wearing quadrupedal costumes. Examples of spiritual and secular performances in which foreleg extensions have been used. Has illustrations, bibliography, index.


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